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AGGRAND Fertilizer
At Best Organic Soil achieving the perfect soil nutrition is our goal.
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AGGRAND Liquid Lime
Natural Kelp & Sulfate of Potash
Organic Liquid Bonemeal
AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot
In today's environmentally conscious society, AGGRAND offers a safe and cost-effective line of natural liquid fertilizers. The products are convenient and free of harmful chemicals, which makes AGGRAND the ideal choice for farmers, homeowners, commercial growers, lawn care and turf professionals seeking natural products with proven performance.

​BENEFITS include:
  • Potential cost savings per acre compared with chemical fertilizers​

  • Natural and organic formulations reduce environmental and safety concerns associated with conventional fertilizer

  • Feeds the natural soil biology to improve soil conditions and nutrient availability
Natural Fertilizer

Proven Performance
through Natural &
Organic Ingredients
• Multi-purpose – excellent
results on flowers, fruits,
vegetables, lawns, trees,
crops and houseplants
• Formulated for foliar feed
or soil application
• Promotes enhanced
plant vigor, increasing
resistance to disease
and stress
• Convenient liquid
• Can be mixed with
products for easy
Natural Liquid

Quickly and Naturally
Increases Calcium
Levels in the Soil
• High-quality super-fine
• Specifically formulated for
foliar and root applications
• Use on lawns, pastures
and hay fields
• Combine with AGGRAND
Natural Fertilizer to supply
additional calcium
• Easy-to-apply liquid
concentrate produces
no dusty mess
Wildlife Food Plot Formula

Boost nutrient levels, including protein providing the primary, secondary and micro-nutrients plants need to flourish. Improved habitat and easy access to succulent, nutrient-rich food will help attract more wild game and help grow larger, healthier animals

Natural Liquid

Promotes Healthier
Vegetables and
Flowers through
Fast- and Slow-Release
• Readily usable source
of phosphorus (P) and
calcium (C)
• Slow-release formula feeds
plants throughout the
growing season
• Perfect for all bulbs and
• Outstanding performance
on root and fruit crops
• Ideal for flowers
• Convenient liquid
• Can be mixed with other
AGGRAND products for
easy application
Kevin Hamilton - Independent AMSOIL/AGGRAND Dealer
  11090 Lakeside Dr., Quinlan, Texas  (903) 268-0770
Natural Kelp and
Sulfate of Potash

Natural Formula
Promotes Healthy,
Productive Plants
• Improves tolerance for heat,
cold and drought
• Promotes nitrogen (N) use
• Helps reduce susceptibility to
insect attack and infection by
disease-causing organisms
• Promotes early growth and
• Helps increase oil content in
seed crops
• Promotes early ripening,
improved quality and extended
shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
• Aids seed formation and
nitrogen fixation in legumes
• Formulated for foliar feed or
soil applications
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants
Altrum Vitamins & Supplements
Improve Crop Yields
Disease and Drought Resistant